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Consign With Us!

Pageant wardrobes are expensive. CRAZY expensive! Which is why we encourage girls to consign with us! Recoup some of your investment!


The Benefits of Consigning With The Crowned Closet:

  • Unlike other consignment/pre-owned sale sites, we are specific to pageantry. Buyers come to our site specifically to fill out, or create, a pageant wardrobe - not look for random clothing items.  As such, your dress will stand out!

  • Take advantage of our expertise in shopping, tailoring and competitive pricing! We understand that letting go of that "favorite winning dress" or that one-of-a-kind interview outfit is hard, but we also want it to sell. We inspect each item for wear, imperfections, missing stones, etc. and price it accordingly based on its original value and current condition.

  • We pay you CASH through PayPal for your items when they sell...OR you can choose the option to take "Crowned Credits" with our shop! Crowned Credits are store credit that you can use like cash to purchase new items out of The Crowned Closet! How convenient is that?

  • It's SAFE and SECURE! Selling with us is convenient and secure! We know how to spot scammers from a mile-and-a-half away, so you can trust that you will get paid when your item sells! We're members of almost all of the Pageant Scammer/Beware pages on Facebook, so we've seen what crooks will do to honest people. Let us weed them out for you!

How It Works:

  • Email us pictures of the item(s) you would like to sell to CrownedClosetShop @ We will get back to you within 2 business days.

  • If we accept your item(s), you will be emailed a Consignment Form and Consignment Agreement to fill out and return.

  • Once we receive the Form and Agreement, you box up your items and provide us with the weight and dimensions of the box, so we can send you a mailing label to ship us the item(s).

  • Once we receive the item(s), they will be inspected, photographed, priced and put on our site! We do ask that you provide at least one image of dresses/fitness wear/swimsuits, etc. in stage wear. While our dress form is lovely, customers want to see what your item(s) look like on stage so they can imagine themselves wearing it!

  • So that you feel like we have "skin in the game," in addition for paying for you to ship your item(s) to us to sell, we also spend marketing/advertising dollars on social media to sell your item(s) quickly and for the best price. Because we're investing in the receiving, marketing and advertising of the item(s), we take a commission to recoup our investment in selling your item(s). As such, we keep 30% of the sale price of your item(s) and you get 70% either as cash or "Crowned Credit."

  • Our Consignment Agreement is for 30 days and will automatically "re-up" after that 30 days unless you notify us that you would like your item(s) back. If items remain on our site for more than 30 days, they will be marked down by 10% each 30 days they are on our site and do not sell for up to six months. After six months, we can talk about what you'd like to do next...for example, we are considering a rental program in the future! How about making residual income on your investment?

  • In the Consignment Agreement, you will be asked to agree to not list your items on any other sites as the items will be in our inventory.


What We Consign...Including, but Not Limited To:

  • Competition Evening Gowns (preferably from the pageant and couture lines of Sherri Hill, Jovani, Mac Duggal, Fernando Wong, Juan Carlos Pinera, Tony Bowls, Rachel Allen, Claire's Collection, Crown Collection, etc.)

  • Interview Wear

  • Appearance/Casual Wear

  • Talent Competition Wear

  • Fitness Wear/Swimsuits (preferably Lady M, Jayme Shaw, Cheryl's Winners, etc.; or custom fitness competition wear - not Lululemon, Athleta, etc. We mean fitness wear designed for pageant competition.)

  • Fun Fashion and OOC

  • Pageant Costumes: e.g. state costumes or opening number costumes

  • Jewelry (Swarovski, Stefanie Somers, Jim Ball, custom, etc.)

  • Pageant Shoes (Johnathon Kayne, Marc DeFang, Chinese Laundry, etc.)

  • If it's not on this list, but it's pageant wear, just ask!!


Things We Won't Consign:

  • Prom Dresses As "Evening Gowns:" Many pageant designers have diffusion brands and prom lines. For example, Jovani has a prom line called JVN. We do not consign prom dresses as evening gown competition wear. We will, however, consider diffusion brands as items for appearance, interview or opening number, but as a rule, we really try to not consign prom dresses.

  • Homecoming Dresses (unless we feel they could be used for opening number or appearance)

  • Anything from shops like Forever 21, H&M, Dress Barn, Venus, Nasty Girl, Shein, etc. You get the idea. We aim to consign and sell the highest quality items only.

  • Halloween Costumes/Non-Pageant Costumes

  • Shoes that aren't specific for pageant week or competition use.

  • Anything that is misrepresented to us in the initial stages of consignment (under How It Works). 

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