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Dear Loyal Crownies,

From its inception, The Crowned Closet was a hobby for two pageant girls who thought Poshmark's fees were way too high. With the volume we were both doing on our Poshmark pages, it was actually more affordable to launch our own site. As time went on, we added more product lines because we are artistic and formerly worked in marketing. We always said that when it stopped being fun, we'd stop. Well, that time has come! With us using our creativity to move toward creating custom evening gowns and fun fashion outfits from existing vintage and designer diffusion lines, we realized it takes A LOT of time to create each item! As such we are thrilled to announce that we will be launching our stress-free Etsy page for our Reborn Couture line very soon! Until then, enjoy deep discounts on the items we have left in stock!

With pageantry love,

The Crowned Closet 

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